This unit was build as student room in order to be used as combined building unit. Bathroom is individual and kitchen are common to 4-5 users. The easiest way to have your room on a shipping container unit.


November 22, 2008

Tedas model 2xISO 20 feet

Housing and habitation has always been a major task for human beings. The need of a domestic space where to perform this habitational activities is of most importance for the development of a healthy and full life. In fact, having a roof as an essential human need is -in my personal opinion- one of those activities that must be performed by all of us, whether in a flexible or conventional way-. Not only for housing, but as well for working.

But the issue is not only related to this basic need. The housing model has recently been included in privatization policies that have led to a development of this building industry that -due now to many combined aspects- urgently needs to reconsider their everyday activities based on crisis and hard money loan conditions. It is not only the amount and quality of what we build. The whole model -essentially based in having huge energy demands, not only on building materials and techniques but as well on the activity involving living in this spaces- is suffering a deep reorganization and changes.

Companies are in the search of new models that can take advantage of this situation. And I must say as follows: This panorama puts many people on a narrow space that is determined under the basic habitational standard and the incapability of affording such systems based on their majority on bank loan -as said before, actually on shortage-. Not only because of this aspects but as well for many other reasons as would be the search of a reusage and recycling in materials, the need of a better and more comprehensive approach to nature and proces involving the earth we step everyday and the maintaince and stimulation of biodoversity, or maybe just for the fun of it, the truth is that there are many worldwide initiatives including building with ISO shipping containers.

Whatever your reason is to have a look to this way of live regarding building -and living in- shipping containers, Habinet is here to offer information and to allow the cooperation and knowledge share of people, public communities and private developers that are already working or just interested in this aspects.

Habinet stands for finding a more sustainable way of life in our everyday actions: Containers are indeed a good excuse to start with. Please visit the following links if you want to find out more: